Marching for our lives

“Climate change kills me”. This was the stark statement on a banner held aloft by one of the marchers in the Global Day of Action protest that filled the streets of Durban today. On the banner, a photo of a child with large, haunting eyes. Marshalls kept the thousands of protesters moving and friends and colleagues popped up in the crowd. Masses of police hovered around and piloted Nyalas ahead of the crowd. By 1PM, the mood was still calm and good. But storm clouds are gathering over Durban. While the negotiators had a break. today, Ministers – apparently 130 – and Heads of State – only 10 confirmed to date – arrive tomorrow. And then, I suspect, the heat will be turned up on the streets. Reports are that the draft negotiating text is messy and underwhelming. And people are aware that these deliberations are about all of our lives, and the lives of children to come. Shut out from any real inputs in the ICC, many organisations are determined to step up the pressure from civil society. So we may yet see fireworks, during COP17 in Durban.


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