COP21 in Paris – everywhere I look

Walking through the streets of Paris, there are images of COP21 everywhere. Or if not of the COP, of steps Paris is taking towards sustainability and climate response. Much of this is conveyed in the stylish and creative manner we would expect from this city. Here are a few images, to whet your appetite.

Firstly, I love the amazing Manga-inspired posters in the metro stations for the climate march that was unfortunately called off:

Paris IMG_2475

And then there are the RATP’s great posters at the bus stops to take delegates to and from the conference, in a fleet of hybrid buses:

Paris bus stop posters 2449

There is also Velib’, Paris’s bike-sharing system – again, the bikes are super-stylish and I see lots of people using them:

Paris bikes 2446

Even BHV, the iconic department store in the Marais, has a table devoted to COP21 and the store’s sustainability responses:

BHV 2419

And finally, am I romanticising things, or does even the recycling look stylish? This was outside a store of one of the grocery chains, but everywhere you go, you see neat stacks of sorted recycling waiting for collection.

Paris recycling 2444


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